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1862 – 1918, An Austrian Symbolist Painter.

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38922 Adiantum Capillus Venerum Anna Atkins Adiantum Capillus Venerum mk141 Cyanotype 25.7x20.1cm
38924 Asplenium ebeneum Anna Atkins Asplenium ebeneum mk141 34.5x24.3cm Oil on canvas
38925 Gleichenia flabellata Anna Atkins Gleichenia flabellata mk141 34.6x24.8cm Oil on canvas
38923 Iris Pseudocorus Anna Atkins Iris Pseudocorus mk141 34.9x24.8cm

Anna Atkins
Tonbridge 1799-1871 Tonbridge,English botanist and pioneer of the photogram and photographic publishing. Daughter of the prominent scientist John George Children, Atkins was encouraged by him in her scientific interests. She was a competent watercolourist and published at least one lithograph. By 1823 her draughtsmanship and observational skills were refined enough for her to produce 200 illustrations for her father's translation of Lamarck's Genera of Shells. Botany was her particular love, especially the collection and study of seaweeds. Her father chaired the February 1839 Royal Society meeting at which Henry Talbot first revealed the manipulatory secrets of photogenic drawing. Father and daughter soon got a camera and took up the new art of photography, but Atkins's biggest contribution to it involved neither a camera nor her father. She conceived the idea of publishing a photographic record of her algae, making photograms by contact printing the dried specimens on sheets of sensitized paper.
Gustav Klimt
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